American Red Cross
Posted 2005-11-11


On 2005-11-11 04:39:04 by jamihn

No comics next week. I’m transferring to a new server as well and redesigning the site that will take some time. I’m also in the middle of a veritable shit storm at work. Projects are just piling up to the sky. OY!

In the mean time, tomorrow I will be at Dr. Dreamo’s in Clarendon, VA. for the D.C. Counter Culture Festival! Sorry, it’s 21 and over since Dr. Dreamo’s is a bar. But I’ll be sketching for free and you can meet the real life Audrey (we’re in the process of figuring out how to kidnap Lauren into coming as well)! Doors open at 4pm.

I apologize for the work stoppage, but hopefully things will be much more sexy at the site! Have a great Veteran’s Day weekend!


On 2005-11-17 01:34:15 by jamihn

OY! If I weren't such a control freak over my own shit, this server migration would be easy! I'd ask someone to design a management system for my dumb ass and just tell me how to uploady shits. But noooooo! I have to figure this bull honkey on my own! DAMN ME AND MY STUPID WAYS!

So yeah, the new design hurts me.

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