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Posted 2005-04-01


On 2005-06-28 15:27:59 by jamihn

So I did finally see Ong-Bak, but it was all in Thai and I had no subtitles. I can fairly well guess at the plot, but that's not why you see a movie like Ong-Bak. You see Ong-Bak for the Muy Thai kickboxing! And considering the last time I saw Muy Thai on film was Bloodsport, this movie kicked so much ass (pardon the pun).

Let's see, the two characters here are the two main characters of the strip, Mat and Jami. Mat is the unbroken one. That's pretty much all you get right now.

RSS Baby!

On 2005-06-28 15:29:42 by jamihn

If you're rocking Firefox or a later version of Safari, you may already have noticed that you can now subscribe to Angry Zen Master via RSS. I haven't made the button yet, but just direct-a your feets-a to this link. It's fairly crude, but you can get the full comic through your favorite RSS viewer. I'm working on an icomic plugin as well. I guess that only means something if you're on a Mac. Ah well.

Update coming later this week. But first, I must battle with the evil taxes! Have at thee foul smelling demon spawn of the IRS!

Master and Servant

On 2005-06-28 15:30:00 by jamihn

I finished my challenge piece! You can check out all my milestones here. It was great fun!

So now I'll be working on getting the next update done. WHEE!

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