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Posted 2005-07-12


On 2005-07-12 02:02:36 by jamihn

Except for the announcement that Kelsey Grammer will play Beast in X-Men 3, all the news and rumors about the next film in the franchise makes me cringe and wince with unbearable pain. According to the Ain't it Cool News gang, the newest mutant to join the ranks is one Stacy X.

In 2002, Marvel realized that their comic lineup did not speak to a key demographic in the comic buying population. Prostitutes. To remedy this oversight, they created a new character, Stacy X, whose mutant ability allowed her to induce pleasure or pain in anyone she touched with her mutant pheromones.

Stacy X was such a hit with the ladies of the night that she no longer appears in any X title.

I guess Brett Ratner thinks that the X movies needs more sex appeal. I guess with Fanke Janssen apparently dead due to events in the second film and Halle Berry’s abortive performance as Storm, there is a window of opportunity for a new X-Babe to take over. Right. Cause we go to these things to see hot mutie ass.

I guess that FOX has decided that the X films were making too much money for them and have decided to kill the franchise with this third outing.

And yes, the real life Angry Zen Master is married to the real life Patti.

Ash Cans!

On 2005-07-12 23:35:54 by jamihn

Taking a short break from making ash cans for the con. So hopefully, Friday, you'll see a new glorious comic in all its glorious auto updated splendor. And if you don't see such a thing on Friday, it didn't work. The comic is done though with a fairly lengthy post about stuff and such.

Anyway, if you're going to be at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend, you can catch me wandering around with a bunch of AZM ash cans in hand. Basically, I took the Top 10 Episode III frames, printed them out black and white, and am now in the process of stapling them together for to be advertising this little ditty. Each frame is its own page. The black and white pages are kinda ghetto, but full color would cost way too much.

However, color prints that I have made of the strips look pretty darn spifferific. When I get back, I shall look into possibly doing individual prints of stuffs. And I have other things that I need to get ready for Otakon when I gets back.


On 2005-07-13 03:25:38 by jamihn

The about section is finally up with brief cast bios and a little bit about the art. I guess it's really an FAQ. There will be more information about various odds and ends when I get back from the con. Enjoy!


On 2005-07-13 11:40:39 by jamihn

I completely forgot about Mystique in my XXX-Men tirade. She, alone, is sex appeal for at least five movies. The chick was kicking ass nekkid except for some scales! We don't need a prostitute mutant for sex appeal. We have a nekkid blue mutant!

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